Wide Screen Youtube Solution to Change back to small screen

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Now a days there's a very big issue going on between users and youtube.com well the new youtube introduce with new lot of features that is very useful but the people are getting worse when they cant switch back to small screen people that switched to full screen by defult or by pressing the wrong wide screen button that looks like this ...
now finding a way back to switch to smaller screen and pressing this button doesn't work ! and cant find any help in youtube .

ahh ! i my self Stuck in this problem and was so much frustrated ! but finally find a way back ! by self ! see i dont know coding and all these software programing but do have some common sense so i can state that the coding for new player done in such a way that if wide screen player hit the BORDER of your browser than it will show  you the revert back button ! like this !
so what exactly you have to do is to if you are using Internet Explorer than just zoom in by the right bottom zoom option or if you are using Fire Fox or Chrome than Press and hold CTRL and press + button that is usually at the left side of back space or the button having 2 symbols on it "= and +"
For easy watch this ..

Now Press that again and again until the player hit the boarders and you get the revert back button !

Small Instruction:
zoom your browser until you get revert back small screen button.

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  1. Needs editing. The text is indecipherable.

  2. Need any help leave your comment !

  3. That's genius! Thanks so much for your tip! Solved a problem that's been really bothering me.

  4. Thanks for this. Solved my problem too.


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