Elizabeth Birnbaum Resigned From Department of Mineral Resources Management

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Elizabeth Birnbaum has resigned after spending less than a year to head the Department of Mineral Resources Management (MMS) accused of laxity toward the oil industry. “She was in her own words, according to his will,” Salazar said during a hearing before a committee of the House of Representatives devoted to the oil slick, welcoming a strong person and very efficient service we helped to move forward. ”

Salazar made the announcement while President Barack Obama prepares to announce on Thursday a reform of the oil sector, including a six-month moratorium on offshore drilling. The Coast Guard said Thursday that BP, which operated the platform at the origin of the spill, had managed to stop the flow of oil, but oil company has yet to cement the well to continue this success. Elizabeth Birnbaum has resigned as there was difficult job to do in these hard conditions.

The official estimates of the Gulf oil spill have been revised upwards to 4x greater than previously stated, making this disaster far larger than the Exxon Valdez. It was partly pressure from liberals that forced BP to permit independent scientists to make these better estimates, instead of trusting the lowballed numbers that BP execs tried to sell.

The announcement of the departure of the Minerals Management Service Elizabeth Birnbaum by the director Ken Salazar, Secretary of Interior at a hearing in Congress where he was scheduled to see Birnbaum, but did not appear.

The problems at the Department of Interior were also somewhat exposed when Elizabeth Birnbaum was ousted. Elizabeth Birnbaum says that she’s hopeful that the crisis will be resolved soon and that the efforts are underway. Elizabeth Birnbaum was the spokesperson of the MMS and has worked all her life either for the government or for not for profit organizatio

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