Holly Davidson Secret Reveals

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So that put me on the trail of Beerfest the movie (more on that in a future post), however that was not the correct answer. The clip in question is apparently from Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj. This note on Scoopy.com was a major clue :

The Cockney girl’s character shows br3@st$ in a badminton game, but it was a body double, according to the “making of” featurette. Also, she shows what looks like pokies in a beer chugging contest, but admitted that it was actually peanuts inside her shirt.

Holly Davidson (born 1980) is a British actress, model and personal trainer. She is most known for her recurring roles on the TV series' Renford Rejects, The Bill and Casualty, and roles in the films Final Cut, Van Wilder 2: Rise of the Taj and Ess3x Boys.

Holly is the younger sister of actress Sadie Frost and unless you live in England you most likely have never any of her other films. I am pretty sure the pictures Over the internet of her flashing fun cans are of a body double and not of the lovely Holly.

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