Justin Bieber Hermaphrodite Arrested By The Police

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The rumor spreaders say about Justin Bieber hermaphrodite that he has got both male and female reproductive organs so he can reproduce a baby himself. Justin Bieber hermaphrodite is just another ridiculous news. Please disregard the fabrication. We love our baby singer and we know there are no such sexual issues with him. And none of the fake news can succeed in spoiling his reputation because we-the fans will not let it happen.

Justin bieber is NOT a hermaphrodite, it's just one of those crazy rumours that has gotten out of hand. For fans of the fresh faced singer you can rejoice knowing that just like us he is normal, although slightly irritating and just like the gaga rumour it will pass by.

The Justin Kim rumor also meant that Justin was a pure man, but maybe the same people have spread another rumor that is Justin Bieber hermaphrodite? So the answer so such a stupid and simple question is no. But still Justin Bieber.

We do condemn this type of rumors and request those guys to stop spreading such hoax. Let us be with Justin Bieber and wish him success for his world tour, which he will set on soon.

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  1. JUSTIN BIEBER IS NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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