Tropical Storm Alex Is Heading Toward Yucatan Peninsula‎

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The tropical storm is on track to reach the peninsula by late Saturday. It is about 140 miles east of Belize City and about 165 miles east-southeast of the Mexican city Chetumal. It was moving toward the west-northwest at about 9 mph.

Despite the encouraging news, BP stock tumbled 6 percent in New York on Friday to a 14-year low on news that BP has now spent $2.35 billion dealing with the disaster. BP has lost more than $100 billion in market value since its deep-water drilling platform blew up, and its stock is worth less than half the $60 or so it was selling for on the day of the explosion.

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 and meteorologists predict this year will be a very active one. Hurricanes feed on warm water and the sea surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic are higher than usual this year.

Four out of five computer models point the storm toward the Lesser Antilles island chain. If the storm system follows that track it would be near the islands in about a week or so. It is really too early to tell exactly where it will go and whether it will even develop into a tropical storm before it reaches the islands. Some forecasters are predicting that the system will become Tropical Storm Alex some time on Today.

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