Austin Kearns Run To Fly Ball

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Kearns was selected by Cincinnati in the first round of the 1998 draft. He has a career .258 batting average with 113 home runs and 464 RBI in 926 games over nine seasons with the Reds Washington Nationals and Indians.

Kearns isn’t making contact with bad pitches that results in weak outs like Grady Sizemore. Kearns’s contact is actually improving. His line drive rate is up 10% his ground ball rate has stayed constant and this has resulted in a dip of 10% in his fly ball rate. Since his home run to fly ball ratio (18.8%) is consistent with his career average we see that the fly balls Kearns is losing, were the easy fly balls to outfielders.Kearns is going out of the zone a bit more he is seeing these pitches and drilling them.

Austin Ryan Kearns born May 20 1980 in Lexington Kentucky is a Major League Baseball right fielder for the New York Yankees.

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