11 Year Old Boy Irshad Shot Dead In Kashmir By Police

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The day when all Kashmiris were protesting with a huge crowd for freedom where most of the Srinagar boys were on it. They were just protesting for freedom as it is the right of everyone.

There is a misunderstanding had to the police and the Police starts firing rubber bullet on the crowd as some of the boys who were protesting shoted but Irshad the 11 year old boy , who dont hav the patience to handle a block he was brutily shoted by the Police and he fel in the silence of dead on the spot.

Police said that the crowd is making trouble and throwing stones on police so they started firing without seeing that there are some children who cant throw a stone. Police said that its been a mistake and the policeman who shouted the boy was suspended, Firing on crowd is not a solution there must be something different there must be a solution for everything in spite of shouting innocent children India's Minnister Manmohan Singh has taken some action but everyone and the police especially have to notice that they are firing for the right cause or not...


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