Aaron Paul Plays Jesse Pinkman In AMC's Original Series Breaking Bad

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Aaron Paul He won his first Emmy for the category of best supporting actor for his role as Jesse Pink man in "Breaking Bad." It was a great moment for him when his name was called as a winner. He was so much happy and excited but by winning the award he has defeated his own idols. Viewer’s likeness for the show is the great achievement and no doubt a team plays the main role to make a show successful or unsuccessful.

He added that he has no idea what his first Emmy meant to him but he loves it and it’s really wonderful.It was the first episode that centered on Jesse alone, and the reaction from fans was immediate.This was a favorite,says Gilligan.I think it’s because of the tenderness that Jesse shows toward that little boy.You realized that in an alternate universe,he could actually be a really good dad. Often in TV, you give an episode to a supporting character for practical reasons, because your star is unavailable.

I had no idea where they were going with this character. He’s so numb and cut off from everything.Cranston, who considers himself a kind of mentor to his co-star,says the struggle hasn’t dimmed Paul’s enthusiasm.It was wonderful to see him,for lack of a better term, just sit down in it and swallow this new approach,says Cranston,who has won two Best Actor Emmy s for Breaking Bad Paul has been nominated once.


  1. Breaking Bad is a great show and I’m glad Aaron Paul won the award! It was well deserved. But if you want to see him on AMC in HD, DirecTV doesn't have it. If you want to watch Breaking Bad in HD, watch it with DISH Network! As a customer and employee of DISH I can’t say how happy I’ve been since I made the switch.


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