Aarti Party Mostly I Felt Really Confident At That Point

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They thought, I deserve to be here, I have something to offer, and I know I can do this. All I have to do is the thing I’ve always wanted to do talk to people through the camera, make food, have a good time, and laugh my butt off. Yeah, you saw in the episode I was having a prayer moment, where I really needed to calm down, but mostly I felt really confident at that point.

Aarti Party promises great food and endless fun for home cooks everywhere, no matter what the occasion. For more information, recipes, and videos check out, Whether this means perfectly roasted chicken, or taking classic bread pudding and basic red lentils to new heights.

Ten minutes of the show felt like 10 hours, and by the 15 minute mark, I literally felt like I had just chased down a box of Benadryl with a bottle of cheap red wine.
Maybe they were scared of her creepy-looking husband. But here’s the thing, Aarti Party wasn’t good. It wasn’t interesting or enlightening or fun or awful or wretched. IT WAS JUST TERRIBLY BORING.


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