All Time UK Box Office's Top Rankings Toy Story 3

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Toy Story 3 has reached a much bigger total in four weeks, but has already slowed its pace considerably. And being among the glut of blockbusters that entered the UK market after the World Cup, it faces a more competitive environment than Avatar did, to say nothing of the direct competition it faces for access to the nation's 3D screens.

Glee creator Ryan Morphy's film adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert's bestselling memoir Eat Pray Love came in third place with 18% of votes.The sequel question also haunts Toy Story. Given that Pixel appears to be relaxing its draconian "No unnecessary sequels" policy Monsters Inc. 2 and Cars 2 are in production and Pixel is making an animated short based around Buzz and Woody in its Vancouver studio.

One of the box office experts said that the movie is so good that the focus has been more on the film and less on the box office. He added that this was a rare case. The film was promoted as a 3D animation movie but it was the story and the character development created by the team at Pixar that made the film a must watch all over the world.


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