Andrew Knoenig Reportedly Hanged Himself From A Tree In Vancouver's Stanley Park

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A sprawling downtown park where he enjoyed spending time, apparently after committing suicide.The actor's father, Walter Koenig, said "my son took his own life," and police spokeswoman Jana McGuinness said, "I'll let Mr. Koenig's words speak for themselves." The only thing I want to say is if you're one of those people who feel that you can't handle it anymore,Walter Koenig said."You may not think so, and ultimately it may not be enough, but there are people that really, really care.

Friends and family decided to try again on their own Thursday and one of them found Koenig's body near a marsh in a heavily wooded area about 100 feet off the Bridle Path.McGuinness said the body could not be seen from the walking path.a film written and produced by his dad.Andrew worked closely with his family; his podcast and other online ventures were done in cahoots with his brother-in-law, comedian Jimmy Pardo.

The commission essentially accused the governor of making up a story that suggested he had meant to pay for the tickets all along, even though evidence gathered indicated that he had never intended to do so until he was later asked about it by a reporter.Mr. Koenig expected that Mr. Soares might take a more aggressive approach this time.A prosecutor’s greatest tools are the subpoena and the grand jury, he said, adding, “You would expect the district attorney’s office to use all tools at its disposal, most importantly the grand jury.


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