Arizona Election Results Florida, Alaska, Vermont Oklahoma Run-offs

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McCain realized that the also anti-establishment fervor could cost him his seat in the primary it already had claimed two other senators Republican Bob Bennett of Utah and McCain immediately recognized the threat posed by Hay worth, a talk-radio host and former six-term congressman from Scottsdale. And he set out to neutralize it.

The reports that politico , Ben's opponent,leading businessman Steve Moak, has been airing a TV ad linking him to a Scottsdale website The Dirty. An opponent wanted to make certain voters were aware of his contribution.

Alaska, tonight is the stuff of high political drama. Florida, Arizona, parts of Oklahoma with a fringe on top, If you live anywhere else you will probably think. Unless you are reading this blog, then you are a political junkie and not the sort of person to go "meh" to early results from the Oklahoma run-offs.


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