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It was really a safe environment to do anything we were from the start aiming for something that is totally different, totally unique and I think the film turned out to be that. It's very smart and very funny in all the right places. On set though, Daniel does about twenty to thirty takes a scene, which is incredibly freeing as an actor because this is my first big film.

Ashley may be young,Ashley’s character in but she definitely doesn’t scare easily, the movie is a 15 year old girl who is from the backwoods of Louisiana, and despite being possessed she is deeply religious. In order to get into character, Ashley prepared for the role by visiting Baptist churches and talking to people.

This is a very clever and very funny in all the right places. Different, completely unique, and I think that the movie was this. I think this is a unique film Exorcist. On the set though, Daniel than about 20 to 30 took the stage, which is incredibly release as an actor, because it’s my first big movie.


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