Asif Zardari Ariel view Flood spares Thatta

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After the long phase of destruction going on in Pakistan these days due to the recent flooding, locals are now moving back to thatta as the flood water changing its course to Lake Manchar after plugging the breaches.

President Asif Ali Zardari had an Ariel view of the flood affected areas on Monday and also visited the the people who were being provided with the medical ,food, and shelter aid.He was accompanied by others government officials as well were they were giving briefing about the flood situations and what measures are being taken for the welfare of the local people massively struck by the flooding.

Pakistani troops and other workers were on high alert rescuing all the local people of thatta were as the meteorological department said the water has been residing back to the sea but the flood forecast still remains as it is.flood forecast center said the Indus river at kotri would generate the flood for another 24 hours.Monsoon rains triggered the flood moving from north to south targeting up to 16 million of its 167 million population.


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