Avatar Director James Cameron Helping NASA Exploration

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In a gorgeous, if spare and compact, turn of phrase--did NASA's public-relations team write this, one wonders, or did Cameron or someone else?--he describes how "on Earth, the oceans and air dance together, [and] ecosystems pulse with life." Then the words turn ominous: "Ice retreats as the climate warms. And we've seen how our species can leave its mark."

"There's 'X' amount of time available, and I do want to do another Avatar film — probably two — and I'm talking to Fox about that now," he told MTV News.

"There's a strong possibility that I might insert one of these other movies in between before I do that," he said. "It's all up in the air right now."

"When NASA ventures into space, it remembers to keep a steady eye on home," Cameron said. "Its fleet of Earth-orbiting satellites constantly reveals our whole planet: its remotest places, its mysteries and the powerful influence of humans."

The public service announcements feature "Avatar" film imagery and include computer animations and data from NASA's fleet of Earth-observing satellites. NASA has 14 science satellites in orbit making cutting-edge global observations of the entire global system including the atmosphere, oceans, land surface, snow and ice.


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