Bombing in Iraq Takes Dozen's of Life

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The Suicide Bombing still continious in Iraq taking dozens of life and leaving thousands of injuries The BBC Hugh Sykes says there is a suggestion of al-Qaeda involvement.

Taking a Look at worst condition, the bombing in Iraq take 40 lives and dozens of major injuries in a series of bomb attacks across Iraq. The number are still unknown but location wise there are several blast in Baghdad, taking 15 lives, and the same ration of lives taken were reported from Kut in the south. Suicide bomber containing a car bomb blast his car in Kirkuk killing 1 person, and there are several other explosion reported from Basra, Ramadi and Karbala. It was noticed and stated that all this bomb blasting starts when the US combat operation was at end of the month.

Suicide car bomber also blasted the whole police station in the Qahira, Baghdad. Reportedly 15 people were died on the spot and most of them were police. The Most Horrible explosion that have injured 58 people and  left a crater 3m (10ft) wide and caused houses to collapse, trapping people inside.

"We woke up to the sound of this powerful explosion that shook the area," resident Abu Ahmed, 35, told the Associated Press news agency. "I searched for victims in the destroyed houses and evacuated seven dead children and some women.

There were three other explosions, in Haifa Street, in Karrada, and in Ahmeriya, injuring 11 people, and a parked car bomb in the centre of the city near the Highway Muthana Airport Killed 2 people and Injured 7.

"---other incidents By BBC :

  • in Kut, south of Baghdad, a suicide car bomber attacked a police station, killing at least 15 people and injuring 84
  • in Kirkuk, a car bomb killed one person and injured eight
  • in Falluja, a soldier was killed and 10 people injured when a suicide bomber drove into an Iraqi army convoy
  • in Tikrit, a roadside bomb killed a policeman and wounded another
  • in Basra, a car exploded as police towed it from a parking lot, killing one person and injuring eight
  • in Ramadi, a car exploded as alleged bombers were working on it, while a second car exploded about 1km away, injuring 12 people
  • in Karbala, a suicide car bomb exploded at police checkpoint at the entrance to police station, injuring 30 people---"
There were continuous attacks on the forces and traffic police of Iraq still no evidence of the real producer of these suicide bomb blaster is found but Reportedly the only thing was found is the death toll which is more than 85 people in the first three weeks of August.

Iraqi Politics Has been just deadlocked with no new government to take place, as the suicide bombing is repeatedly increasing, the remaining US troops will teach and train Iraqi soldiers and will pull out and return to their country in 2011, how ever the fallen amount of US Troops were reported approximately 49,700.


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