Bond Of Silence A Variety Of Emotions

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In "Bond of Silence," premiering on Lifetime and based on real events, Grunberg plays Paul Jackson, a detective investigating the death of Bob McIntosh (David Cubitt), who was murdered while trying to stop a teenage house party on New Year's Eve.I love doing new projects.

I was definitely looking for something that I found compelling enough to take away from vacation time, and I just thought, I’ve never done a real life story, and I thought it was really interesting.Raver brings a variety of emotions to her character and sets up the pay-off of the ending. Greg Grunberg is tenacious and deliberate as Paul Jackson, the detective investigating the case.

Charlie McDermott and Hayley Ramm are standouts as two teens who know more than they are saying.“It was an amazing tool to inject Teddy into this tight-knit group, and it was an amazing thing to be able to play. And while I’m very sad for Teddy, it will be nice to see her have her own life and romantic interests,” Raver said during a recent conference call with reporters.


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