Cee Lo Green Is So Versatile That TLC Wanted Him To Burn Down

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Cee-Lo Green’s voice is so smooth, they spray it on lakes in the winter so people can ice-skate. He’s so funky that every time he nods at you, somewhere in the universe. He’s so versatile that TLC wanted him to burn down other people’s houses for them using just his vibrato.

He’s part of the funkiest outfit of the century, Gnarls Barkley, and now he’s releasing a solo album called Lady Killer. Supposedly, there are pictures circulating of his penis in the hands of Paris Hilton, who immediately lost all of her funk, because Cee-Lo stole it.

The song is located easily enough on YouTube. If you’re so inclined, try to find the version that shows the lyrics. They’re crude, to be sure, but they’re witty too. As for the music, it’s strong enough to have made the song a big radio hit. Now it looks like it will have to flourish underground though the odds are you’ll soon pass someone on the street blasting on his radio or even singing it aloud.

The senior vice president of programming at Fuse, Sal LoCurto, boldly said, "We are the only music channel. (BET, VH1 and MTV are) past tense. They’re not really music channels. I always say it’s kinda like rooting for the Dodgers and expecting to see Sandy Koufax pitch. It’s a bygone era."

LoCurto's seems optimistic that Green's new show will continue to help boost ratings and get attention from real music lovers for the Fuse network. True music lovers will be thrilled to see such a show, when MTV's programming includes shows like "16 and Pregnant."


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