Chile Miners Must Lose Weight To Escape Just 89cm Around The Waist

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The government has asked NASA and Chile's submarine fleet for tips on survival in extreme, confined conditions, and are looking to send them space mission-like rations.They are also preparing to drill a vertical shaft around 2 feet in diameter to evacuate the miners one by one via a pulley.The probe had been sent 690 meters deep into the collapsed mine near the city of Copiapo, about 725 kilometers north of Santiago.

The full scope of the wait has not yet been broken to the miners.A video camera lowered through the bore hole showed the miners alive, their eyes flashing into the camera lens and later broadcast on television sets across the country.Rescue attempts have been stymied by the fragility of the collapsed mine. It has been impossible to reach the men through the main entry and ventilation duct, so relief workers drilled a nearby bore hole to the men.

Around 200 people gathered in a square in the capital Santiago, waving flags to celebrate the news. Drivers honked their horns and diners applauded in restaurants.The capital's Plaza Italian where Chileans traditionally celebrate national victories. Along the great length of Chile, people were glued to their television and computer screens as the drama unfolded in live feeds from the remote mine.They blamed the errors on the mining company's maps.


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