China Plane Flash Invention Of The World

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China Central Television quotes Sun Bangnan, deputy director of the Heilonjiang Public Security Department, as saying that 42 bodies had been recovered and that 49 people had been rescued. An American company, Phoenix-based Mesa Air Group Inc., was an original investor in Henan's predecessor company, Kunpeng, but divested its stake last year. Mesa operates regional services in the U.S. for Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and other carriers and is undergoing bankruptcy reorganization.

That's the rush I feel stepping aboard Shanghai's sleekly-contoured train, a feeling of futuristic fervor mixed with nostalgia for all those comics and sci-fi novels from boyhood. There is good reason, since the Maglev's technology is actually rather dated. German inventors patented the basic system way back before World War II.

The agency sent out a brief “flash” alert saying a plane had been hijacked, without giving further details. It was not known how many people were on board or if the plane was on the ground or in the air.Forty-two people were killed, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC), which reportedly had highlighted past technical problems with the model of plane involved - an ERJ-190 jet made by Brazilian company Embraer.


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