Chocolate Pill May Cut Heart Failure Risk

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The evidence represents a significant clinical breakthrough in the management of heart failure and is incredibly important information for patients with this condition.We now know that more lives can be saved and improved simply by adding ivabradine to their current treatment in order to take some of the strain off the heart.

According to Dr. Malcolm Arnold, another cardiologist at LHSC. Arnold said for those over 65 “the commonest diagnosis for admission into hospitals is heart failure.North Americans in general, not pay attention to their salt, they are being trained to crave it. Registered dietitian Jennifer-Anne Meneray gave the audience “the salty truth”, saying Salt is an acquired taste.

This is certainly true in the quantities that North Americans consume.We are teaching our kids to crave salt from a very young age.The recommended daily limit for a toddler is 1000 mg.One jar of beef stroganoff for toddlers from Heinz contains 420 milligrams of sodium.There were three other items on our initial list. But tackling salt consumption is a good place to start your own personal battle against heart failure.


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