Claudy Boomb Attack Has Taken Many Innocent Lives

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The youngest victim was eight-year-old Kathryn E akin who was cleaning the windows of the family grocery shop when the first bomb exploded.As well as the power to investigate complaints against the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the Police Ombudsman also has the authority to probe investigations carried out by the predecessor to the PSNI, the RUC.

More general investigations into incidents during the Troubles are handled by a dedicated group of PSNI detectives  the Historical Enquirers Team.The IRA never admitted responsibility for the outrage, but the bombs were left in the village on the same day as the British Army launched Operation Motorman to remove barricades set up in so-called republican no-go areas of London derry.

The priest, who died in 1980, had been the curate in Cull ion, a small parish in County London Derry.The Bishop of Derry, Neil Farr en, responding to rumors that Fr Cheney was a member of the South Derry Brigade of the IRA and may have been involved in the bombings, called him in for questioning.


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