The Concepts Of Solid Bodies And Quantity Of Motion

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Macosko and Martin Gut hold, Ph.D., an associate professor of physics at Wake Forest and the co-inventor of Lab-on-Bead, will work with the biotechnology start up Nona Medica Inc. to test how drug companies will use the new tool. The company has relocated to Winston-Salem from New Jersey; Macosko serves as the company's chief innovation officer and Gut hold is its chief science officer.

"It helps the most interesting new drugs work together to stick their heads up above the crowd," said Jed C. Macosko, associate professor of Physics at Wake Forest and primary inventor of the Lab-on-Bead technology. "Each type of drug has its own molecular bar code.The company initially would partner with companies that hold enormous libraries of potential drug candidates to offer molecules that other firms could then try to develop into drugs.

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center, a private, nonprofit corporation funded by the N.C. General Assembly, provided $75,000 in funding for the project. Harvard University in Boston and University Strasbourg in Strasbourg, France, are providing the chemicals being screened in the Lab-on-Bead process." Macosko said. "Those shapes could block cancer they could block all kinds of things."If there's some cure to a disease or way to diagnose it, we're going to find it faster."


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