A Criminal Complaint Alleged That Michael Enright Uttered An Arabic Greeting

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Dr.Enright has extensive background in multimedia and digital communications,digital signal processing DSP, and networking in both academic and industry roles.He was also responsible for the design and development of a space based phased array antenna subsystem at Hughes Space and Communications (now Boeing).Dr. Enright has designed DSP and wireless communication algorithms at Motorola for the Iridium system.

Dr. Enright is currently active in the research community and has numerous publications in research journals related to signal processing, wireless multicarrier communications, and networking.A criminal complaint alleged that Enright uttered an Arabic greeting and told the victim, "Consider this a checkpoint,before the attack inside the yellow cab on Manhattan's East Side. Police say Enright was drunk at the time.

He was my best friend's roommate in freshman year and would drink till he blacked out every single night.I remember on election night we were all downstairs outside of the dorm screaming and celebrating at Obama's victory and Mike came outside with tears streaming down his face.Enright,who was reportedly intoxicated at the time of getting in the cab,asked Sharif whether he was Muslim.When Sharif replied in positive Enright slashed him numerous times with a sharp tool.


  1. People don't hesitate to spread rumors about good people.

  2. Doesn’t always seem like it’s the ones we don’t expect? The “good” kids, that make the biggest and most savage faux pas during their college years, just look at the recently deceased Craigslist Killer, Phillip Markoff, another kid, who seemingly had it all together; a person that no one ever thought would become a predator.



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