Dee Snider Living In Suburbia And Being Married

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This is also, I want to show people that living in suburbia, and being married, and having a family, and being a parent doesn't mean you can't be cool and have fun. I wouldn't mind setting that example for everybody. We wanted to shine a light on what they're doing, Snider says.

There's good news and bad news, Dee. The good news is the ratings were great. People love your family. The bad news there's not enough conflict. Everyone gets along. Nobody's in rehab. You guys obviously love each other. At the time, you couldn't have a show if you really liked each other. The Hogans and the Simmons, that changed things.

The ride starts in Lima, Ohio and will end in Snidersville on Saturday, August 21.  The town of Cridersville, Ohio is changing its name for one day in honor of Dee and his family, who in addition to hosting the A3 launch will participate in the March of Dimes Bikers for Babies charity event.


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