Digital Photo Graphs Developer Lab Caught in Lyari - Misused Photography

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Its been reported to some news channel that a digital photo graph lab was caught in lyari for exposing secret pictures of women and men, it was said they have a hidden camera in their washrooms and changing rooms they take illegal pictures of them and expose them to great risk

A girl in lyari told this to a nearby police stations that she had been blackmailed by them and ask for the money after giving money they didn't hand over the pictures instead they ask more money on that she just file a case on them.

The police raided and found their are many people who has been targeted for this and was forced to give money and some other things, the police on spot seized the studio and arrested the lab owner and his employees.

However the employees was set free after knowing that some employee doesn't know about it at all, but the owner and his secret people working on this was arrested and case is launched over them.


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