Disaster Caused By Long Island RailRoad

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On June 19, 1874 the flushing, north shore and central railroad company was formed by the Consolidation of the Flushing and North Side Rail Road, The central rail road Company Of long island, The Central Railroad Extension Company, The White stone and Westchester Railroad Company, The north shore railroad. the north shore and port Washington rail road. and the Rosalyn and Huntington railroad company.

LIRR passenger told that “We go to the service desk, hang around, that's what they tell you, and they can honor the ticket for another day but they cannot return any money back.”The Long Island Rail Road operates seven days per week with service and branches from Manhattan to Montauk.

The subway station is not built to handle the capacity of the railroad’s primary terminal, Pennsylvania Station in Midtown Manhattan.It was unclear whether the railroad would be able to restore eastbound service out of Jamaica.


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