A Family Got Big Tregety In Lyari Clash 1 Man Killed And Two Injured

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On 30th of august a man was killed and two peoples are injured in a Lyari clash of Karachi. Police men said the members of Hangoro community started firing on a family belonging to Sanghar, their rival community.It was a war which had been started 2 years ago by killing a man named Zulfiqar of Hangoro community.

Police men were called to the area where this incidence happened and they controlled the situation and took the those three peoples to the Civil Hospital Karachi. One man named Saleh Muhammad was dead after arriving hospitals and two men Usman and Ishaq were injured.

The Police officials said they both communities are affiliated with the Kachhi Rabita Committee and were become enemies to each other two years ago in that clash Zulfiqar was killed who was the nephew of Ishaq the person who was injured in this clash.

The suspect were arrested and two weeks ago they were bailed and went to the zulfiqar's family and demanded to take off the blame from them of zulfiqar's murder. They refused to withdraw and said that they will pursue the case to the end.

Then this incident happened to the family and now they left one more of their family member.


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