Fantasy Football Previwe And Off-Season With Chicago Bears

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The one rule we live by is that we should only have one team. People who have three or four teams, that's weak, It's like filling out ten brackets for the NCAA tournament. Football Commissioner League is a highly popular fantasy option thanks to its high levels of league customization, its draft options (live, continuous or auction drafts supported), and its mobile phone accessibility, not to mention its historical archiving for future seasons and fast live scoring.

One thing about defense, is there are only 32 of them. So if your in a league with 10 to 12 owners, and if each owner takes two defenses. That only leaves about 8 to 12 defenses to work with. In effect, and you’ll hear me say this a lot this year, you must stay active on the wire.

You have to give credit to the Bears for continuing to go out and sign talented players to improve their team. It remains to be seen if they can gel together and add up to a whole that's more than the sum of their parts. It would have been nice to see Cutler given a new receiver to pair up with but obviously they did not feel the need to upgrade at that position. With Mike Martz overseeing the offense, it should be very passer friendly and could result in a playoff berth for the first time since going to the Super Bowl. In my opinion though, I feel they'll come up short once again.


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