A Female Corpse Body Was Stolen From Mausoleum In A Catholic

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criminals vandalized the cemetery but the removal of the body was an aberration. He added that he had seen bodies being removed once or twice in his 25 year old career. Investigators have revealed that the thieves came prepared and there could have been more than one thief as a heavy marble slab needed to be moved in order to reach the caskets.Though the authorities have declined to reveal the identity of the woman, they have said that she was not a public figure. Cadaver dogs have been deployed in the area to sniff out in case the thieves abandon the body nearby.

There there was a body removed from the casket that was opened up.""It is incomprehensible that anyone would violate the sacred resting place of those that have passed from this world to eternal life," diocesan spokesman Monsignor Kienan E. Harrington said in a statement. He added that Bishop Nicholas DiMaggio has reached out to immediate family members of the woman to express his "profound sorrow and solidarity in this painful time.

They knew what they would face inside the crypt and what would have to be done to remove a casket and open it.Because heavy marble slabs had to be moved in order to get at the casket, investigators believe more than one suspect was involved, he said. Police believe the intruders likely hopped over a fence surrounding the sprawling cemetery. Relatives of the woman whose body was taken have been notified. Police declined to identify the woman, who was interred about 12 years ago, or her family, but said she was not a public figure.


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