Florida Elections 2010 Result Shows Support In His Own Party

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If Meek is in the race, he earns 48% support in his own party, while Crist picks up 36% of the Democratic vote. If Greene is the nominee, Democrats break even between Greene and Crist. Among voters not affiliated with either party, Crist has the edge only if Greene is in the race.

That was a victory for mankind, simarly, it will be a victory for mankind if this lesson teaches us to think greater than ourselves, to be part of a greater society that looks out for all. They live in a bubble inside their corporate walls and forget they’re part of a bigger society, they forget what’s preached in their places of worship.

That said, the primary is over, Rick Scott is the nominee, the general election has begun, and our party now looks forward. Intraparty struggles are often difficult to watch, and the contest in Florida has been a good example of that.


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