Follows Hurricane DanielleTropical Storm Earl forms

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The Danielle Tropical Storm actually dropped back to a  briefly with winds as low as 70 MPH but was quickly back to hurricane strength by morning. Danielle has struggled with some wind shear that has reduced her intensity from a Cat 2 to currently a Cat 1 with 85 MPH sustained winds overnight.

That until Aug usually doesn’t happen 10, Feltgen said. The year 1966 is used as a starting point because that was when continuous satellite coverage of Atlantic storms began, he said. The 2010 season has been ahead of the statistical average since June, when the first hurricane of the year formed.

The center predicts that the storm could reach the status of hurricane by Friday. potentially past east of Bermuda a few days after Danielle passes either over or slightly west of Bermuda. Tropical Storm Earl in the Atlantic on Wednesday.


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