Fugitive Asil Nadir's Business Achievements Were One Of The Biggest Success

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The offices of Nadir's Kibris Media Group where a crowd of around 200 hundred demonstrators had gathered to prevent them entering the building. Nadir, who denies any wrongdoing, has said he would stand trial to clear his name if he was not taken into custody. Granting bail.Nadir escaped to his native Cyprus in 1993 as he was about to go to trial on 66 charges of false accounting and theft from his once phenomenally successful Polly Peck business empire.

Nadir owes around e1/41 million in current taxes, plus another e1/44.5 million that he has managed to "hide" from the taxman by transferring funds between companies in his name. Uzun said the 'ministry' was also aware of a number of other debts, and that these, combined with Kibris newspaper's falling sales, raised suspicions as to whether Nadir would be able to pay his tax debts.

The court hearing in September is likely to be a formality to fix the date of the long trial not likely to take place until next year.A statement from solicitors acting for Nadir said: "Mr Asil Nadir is extremely satisfied with the outcome of the hearing and looks forward to attending the Old Bailey on September 3 and beginning the process of clearing his name and proving his innocence.


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