Garmin Nuvi GPS Device Is Involved In The Recall

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The people can check if their device is defected or not by the website of Gar min where they will enter the serial number and see the list of Gar min recall. If the navigational device of anyone is in the recall list then they can send it back to the Company for repairs.Any boater who owns Blue Chart g2 or g2 Vision  will be given a replacement traditional Blue Chart card or g2 Vision card v2008.5 free of charge and will also receive the 2009 card free of charge when it is re-released.

It has also stopped selling CD-ROM's containing the same data,The problem was caused by a change in the algorithm that decides how to display depth information, according to Anthony Chmarny, spokesman at Gar min in Europe. The company had to respond quickly to the problem because the boating season has started.

The Garmin recall list includes the ten devices which were affected by this problem in which a fire had broken out.It appears that the interaction of these factors can, in rare circumstances,increase the possibility of overheating, which may lead to a fire hazard,the company said in a statement.he Company will replace the battery with a new one which will not be harmful in future and this whole process will be free of any charges.


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