Glenn Beck Rally Would Have Told Sarah Palin To Repent

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have told Sarah Palin to repent and retract her "Don't retreat -- reload." Dr. King a man whose message relied on the power of words to lift people up out of despair, never trading in Palin's type of militaristic machismo to prove strength. That Mrs. Palin ignores this biographical and historical fact of King is part of the weird alternate reality that was presented today.

The day featured appearances by Sarah Palin and Beck, of course. And below, a video of LaRussa introducing Pujols, who was honored with the Hope Award. "At a time when you're looking for a real-life hero," LaRussa said, "I want to introduce you to an example of excellence, our Hope award winner this year, Albert Pujols."

Moral authority that's what the rally was really about. That's what the bagpipes playing "Amazing Grace" at the end of the rally were all about. That's what all the talk of standing on "hallowed ground" was all about. That's what the repeated use of words like "honor," "integrity" and "trust" were all about.


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