Google Call Is Also Known As Call Form GB

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Google's demoing the "Call from G mail" service for us in San Francisco this morning, and it's looking like it's not free, but fairly cheap a product manager just called Paris for $0.02 a minute. Incoming calls pop up as a chat window in G mail and ring your Google Voice-equipped phones simultaneously and you press a "Call phone" button that appears near the top of the Chat window to send an outbound call, at which point a dialer appears where you can copy and paste numbers or tap them in manually.

Google announced Wednesday that G mail users can make free long-distance calls in the U.S. and Canada through a cool new feature that lets you place calls from within G mail to a mobile or landlines phone."Call phone" is a new option in G mail's list of contacts to chat with, on the left side of the page.

Google's only committed to free calls to US and Canadian landlines through the end of the year, as paid international calls are the sole revenue stream here "Our hope is we'll be able to make enough margin on international calls to keep offering it at that low price," a product manager told us. We're going to give some VoIP goodness a spin right now, check back later for impressions.


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