Greatest Froyo Android 2.2 Version For The Oft Delayed HTC Droid Incredible For Verizon

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The HTC Incredible sells online for $199.9 with a contract for two years.HTC said both displays are comparable and the switch to SLCD on the HTC Desire went ahead. Now as the HTC Desire sporting the new SLCD displays are turning up, we have a video comparison of the HTC Desire with AMOLED and HTC Desire with SLCD for your viewing pleasure.The video comparison comes our way courtesy of Vlad Boolean, over at UN wired View and by way of and lasts just over the three minute mark and they have thrown in the HTC HD2 sporting a traditional LCD for good measure.

It is essentially a CDMA version of the HTC Desire, which launched last February in Barcelona, Spain. The Droid Incredible has an 8-megapixel camera.The safe way to get your Nexus One updated to Android 2.2 is to wait for your phone to notify you that the over the air update is available, but if you just can't bear to be without the latest and greatest, get the file from XDA-Developers.

Smart phones on Verizon Wireless since many are trying to figure out which one to buy and have been sending me requests for my thoughts.I was very impressed with my outdoor shots. Colors appeared bright and natural, details looked sharp. There was also very little shutter lag. My indoor shots looked good as well,though a few had a bit of yellowish tint. The flash also seemed a bit unpredictable as to when it decided to go off, as well.I am not including Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices since I have used neither on Verizon Wireless and cannot give you my thoughts or experiences.


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