Harry Potter In The Way Only The LEGO Franchise

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This is a game lego if you include the double-dip on the Star Wars adventures people know the formula of stud collecting, character unlocking and drop-in drop-out co-op pretty well. When a seasoned lego sat down to play Harry Potter, even my eyes began to roll a bit at the thought of the "blast everything" quest I was about to set out on.

According to gamers will be afforded a chance to attend classes at Wizardry, as well as engage in other wizardly activities such as casting spells, mixing potions. The game is geared for players to experience a good mix of puzzle-solving gameplay with exploration and battle in some of the most beloved Harry Potter environments, plus a few other surprises.

That all Featuring your favorite characters and story environments, LEGO Harry Potter, in the way only the LEGO franchise can. Years 1-4 lets players play as the wizard of their choice, combining them piece by piece as is only possible in the LEGO franchise of games. Play options include single player story mode, free-play and two-player co-op.


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