Health Care Adminstration Secretary Holly Benson Serving Crist

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Holly understands that we must reduce unnecessary regulation and fight frivolous lawsuits in order to restore our economy. She is pro-life, rated A+ by the NRA, and like her mentor Governor Jeb Bush, is a committed free-market capitalist. Holly Benson will make a great Attorney General for Florida, and I encourage you to consider voting.

Newt has been at the cutting edge of conservative policies, leading not only a conservative banner but also leading our party to victory after decades of being the minority in Congress. He is a true conservative icon, and I am proud to have his endorsement.That wasn't intended as a swipe at Attorney General Bill McConnell a fellow Republican who is now running for governor.

The attorney general's race suffers from lack of recognition from many voters though and makes it difficult to predict how far Bondie's outside status could ultimately take her. A recent poll conducted by Voter Survey Service of Harrisburg, Pa. and commissioned , found 55 percent of voters are undecided in the race. Her lack of political experience would hurt her when she decided to run for attorney general.


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