Health Care Executive Rick Scott Secured The Republican Nomination For Governor In Florida

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Scott's win bears witness to his personal wealth he spent at least $50 million of it on the campaign as well as the thirst for political change in the Republican Party of Florida, which has been rocked by scandal and whose leaders worked to stop him cold.Many see The Jackson Lab deal as an example of government run by bureaucrats who care more about their schemes than the will of the people.

This has not been a major issue in the campaign, so we do not talk about it every day. The Naples Daily News quote, I think, very clearly articulates his position on the deal. I think that Rick’s statement is very clear as to where he stands on the issue. It’s very clear what he thinks about the deal.I built the company. From scratch. That had the best outcomes, the best patient satisfaction, and the best prices.

Health care inflation went from 18% to less than 1%. Now, you don’t go do that and do and violate Medicate.But in Florida, there is also something called Electioneering and Communications Organizations (ECOs) akin nationally to Political Action Committees (PACs on a national level). Scott has publicly acknowledged an affiliation with the ECO Let's Get to Work. Scott has given $11.3 million to Let's Get to Work through F. Annette Scott Revocable Trust.F.Annette Scott is his wife.


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