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The Android platform brings some great new functionality to users (things like making your handset a portable hot spot and support for Adobe Flash within the browser), along with new tools for developers.Check your notifications bar from time to time, and have fun with Android 2.2, better known as Froyo.Its latest incarnation, announced at Google's I/O conference in San Francisco this week, began life as codename "Froyo" (continuing its tradition of naming new versions as desserts in alphabetical order, starting with Cupcake) to officially become Android 2.2.

The carrier you get wireless service from. If you're a committed Verizon customer you can't get the EVO 4G, and Sprint customers can't get an Incredible. But these two models are good enough to make switching carriers worth serious consideration. There is an important caveat, though: Sprint's WiMAX network is only available in limited areas. Some major cities have it, but not all by any means. Still, the carrier is promising that 120 million people will have access to its 4G network by year's end.

Android 2.2 will be able to tether via USB and act as a Wi-Fi hot spot for other Wi-Fi enabled devices, according to Tech Crunch. The blog shows screen shots of the FroYo interface, where users can u their Android smart phone to act as a modem, and also share the phone's Internet connection with other devices via Wi-Fi.The more Android 2.2, the better, No official word on other Droid variants most of which are likely going to see Fro yo updates soon but we'll be keeping our ears firmly planted to the ground.

The Android SDK, to copy updated radio and recovery images to the device's recovery partition on the SD card. It's a straightforward operation that you can run in a Windows, OS X, or Linux environment. If you are an Android application developer, this method of flashing your device is recommended. Note that to use this method, the device must have the original factory bootloader that came with the device.

Flashing your device in this way is useful if you need to install the radio and system images independently or you are already familiar with fast boot and are using it successfully in your environment. To use this method, your device must have a fast boot-compatible boot loader. Having the original factory boot loader included on ADP devices is not required.


  1. Just got my Froyo update for my droid incredible... its incredible!


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