HTC Windows Phone 7 Series For Microsoft Extend And Leadership

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It is unlikely to be the Mozart, but whether or not the phone is the Mondrian is also unknown. HTC appears to have given the phone a 3.7-inch or larger screen and will almost certainly have a fast processor and a five-megapixel or better camera.

The device is said to be made from a single block of aluminium, with small plastic areas to aid connectivity of the device. The handset specifications are unknown but from the video we can see that its got a smaller screen than its Desire HD counterpart.

As for the Schubert, no real specs or details are available yet. But if this and the Asus turn out to be the real deal, it looks like Microsoft's already got two solid show ponies in the Windows Phone 7 stable. The second substantive Windows Phone 7 leak in the past few days, as we saw what looked to be an Asus effort last Friday.


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