Hurrican Earl Could Hit Atlanta Canda By this Weekend

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The Hurricane Earl - The destroying storm which destroyed many homes and families in Caribbean, is Now heading towards the north, now Could Hit the Atlanta Canada by this weekend , the weather expert department warn all the people and the city authority is now busy in shifting the people to safe place.

The Great Hurricane earl is Categorize in 4 storm on Tuesday as it packed winds of 215 kilometers per hour, The Authority of Canadian Hurricane Stated in the recent press conference that Earl would bring it to the east coast, where the target of this storm could be Nova Scotia and Newfoundland as early as this Friday.

"There is such a wide range of scenarios from Maine to Newfoundland, but people should be expecting, on a large scale, rain and wind from the storm in the Friday and Saturday time frame. Have it in the back of your minds that you'll be dealing with very high winds and rainfall, although a specific forecast is not spelled out yet," said Chris Fogarty, program supervisor at the Canadian Hurricane Centre.

The recent weather models clearly show a diminished storm with the power of anticipation that will rattle NOVA SCOTIA by friday, but there still hope in the pattern could change depending on Earl's movement over the next three days.


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