Hurricanes Draw Their Strength From Warm Ocean Waters

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Now a Category 4 hurricane, farther west. If Earl stays on that path, it could threaten the eastern US, especially Long Island and parts of New England.the Northeast from enjoying a dip in the ocean this Labor Day weekend.The rip currents are going to continue through the first half of the weekend,” warns Henry Margusity, a senior meteorologist at Accu in State College, Pa.

Emergency officials in New York say they have begun conversations with county officials about storm preparedness.Hurricanes draw their strength from warm ocean waters, and Earl is expected to remain a powerful hurricane as it churns northward, because northern Atlantic waters are unusually warm this year.But Fiona is unlikely to grow into Hurricane Fiona, Blackwell said, because winds from the more powerful Hurricane Earl will probably disrupt the new storm.

I have heard all the reasons why they don’t think it will affect them.The Hurricane Earl path now shows it as a Category 3 storm, which will continue to strengthen and stay on its path headed north.The Hurricane Earl path updates show that dangerous rip currents and swells are expected for parts of the Eastern United States seaboard. Hurricane Earl is likely to show up on these currents by midweek.


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