"Ignoramus" Was First Used In Popular English Literature And Repeated Now

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The terms that are being searched on a huge level is the “ignoramus”. The exact reason for the usage of this word is currently unknown because it has been used in many instances in news on the internet and the media. The occurrences of the term are so many that it is hard to pin point why people are so interested in the meaning of this particular word.

Apart from that the word ignoramus has been used in many other contexts like Media Matters for America in which Fox Channel viewers are referred to as ignoramuses.Most of OPEC nation Venezuela's export income comes from oil it sells to the United States but Chavez has built stronger ties with countries like China in an attempt to reduce dependence on his northern neighbor.

it's not because I'm not both hugely excited and stressed about the whole thing-but when you spend 90% of your time trying to make decisions that are so ultimately meaningless in the larger scope of things, I really don't want to write about it. Pictures I'm good with, and IF I continue sharing this part of my life, picture posting about the house is probably the best choice.


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