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The Redbox codes with a green ball in front these comments often tell you when the code last worked and at what type of location convenience store, grocery store, fast food restaurant, etc. they worked at. If you'd like to use the code, write it down and use it during the checkout process at a Redbox kiosk.

I have to thank Peter for first bringing but this is the social media age, and the Internet creates a vast number of people all getting codes. Enter the code sharing websites. I've listed a few of my favorites below, but what they basically create is a community of people sharing codes for the RedBox rentals.

That's not to say that Redbox can't spend the money and time to offering something similar to Netflix in the way of streaming movies, but they won't be able to challenge Netflix with any scale for a very long time.

And that's without even talking about how much inventory Redbox can amass and how long it will take them to do so.


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