International community helping flood victims

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The prime minister YUSUF RAZA GILINI expressed his views on the helping the flood victims. the views were expressed to the pakistan kuwait investment company called himself to the prime ministers house and was  awarded a cheque on $25 million for helping the flood victims in the part of punjab and the places effected by flood.The PRIME MINISTER thanked the pakistan kuwait companyvfor helping the flooded regions and helping pakistan in hard and stressed times.

Mr Saleh conveyed his concern to the PRIME MINISTER that there will be totaly co orperation by the PAKISTAN KUWAIT company for have a devastating loss of crop's life's and house's, he assures on the behalf of KUWAIT government extends every possible assistance for reconstructions and rehabitalisation centers in the flooded areas.

Mr Shamsul Hasan, Managing Director, Pakistan Kuwait Investment Company Ltd conveid his message to the PRIME MINISTER fr various relief activites are conducted and there will be total co-orperation from the government and on behalf of their government they will be funding from the company and state for the reconstruction and rehabilitation centers affected the floodies.


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