iPhone 4 Skewers Mentality Around Buying Apple's Smartphone

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They feel compelled toward the iPhone 4 for its video and camera features FaceTime, and a higher-quality still and video camera. Having a child, I have justified the camera upgrades as worth it for out-of-town relatives and quick snaps. I traveled last weekend and left my iPad at home deliberately a test to see if I'd find the iPhone 4 as useful.

They even a hugely popular YouTube video that skewers the default mentality around buying Apple's smartphone. But you will suffer some derision if you buy something else, that's why I'm here to give you 5 solid reasons to tell those who jeer to shove it. Nicely, of course.

There are now countless videos online that show how holding the new iPhone. This is a two-edged sword with complete access comes the ability to brick your shiny new iPhone all by yourself. The app you really want to help you with this is called Cabinet.


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