Iphone and Ipad By Apple Is Struggling In The Endless War With Google Android 2 and Froyo Update

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The BlackBerry "Black Pad" from RIM, or Google gPad via HTC, or even or the self-proclaimed LG Optimus Tablet dark horse make for riveting speculation (among many other rumors or announcements), but Motorola has shown itself to be the most capable and consistent rival to the iPhone, which was a precursor to the iPad in many ways.

Multiple panes for e-mail and other programs: Even without iOS 4, the iPad's pane-splitting tricks make e-mail management and browsing far superior to the scroll-list method the iPhone still employs. I regret not having e-mail threads yet, but I'd rather be able to read an e-mail and see other e-mail headers without having to swipe back and forth.

This isn't just a mild update or color refresh, which the recently refreshed Kindle DX (Graphite) could easily be considered, even with that product's improved display technology. The attention Amazon has paid to this model shows that the company is focusing on its hardware strategy to complement its software (with Kindle apps for iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Android, and BlackBerry) and e-bookstore strategies.

For obvious reasons, the iPad is a much bigger investment than the iPhone 3GS. Pricing depends on the amount of storage the iPad includes, and on whether it has support for 3G networks. An iPad equipped only with Wi-Fi connectivity costs $500 (16GB), $600 (32GB), or $700 (64GB). The Wi-Fi-plus-3G version, available later this month, will cost $130 more at each size $630 (16GB), $730 (32GB), and $830 (64GB). Of course, if you get the 3G version, you’ll also have to pay for a data plan either $15 a month for 250MB of data, or $30 a month for unlimited data.


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