The Iran Nuclear Power Start its operations

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The Iran began the nuclear project that can endanger the world as when the new child just get the toy in his hand he throw and break that just like it if Iraq react like child all the things will be messed up and that situations will be very difficult to control.(jhon)

The override power of Iran can disturb many countries but as laws and enforcement I think they made it by them selves and if they make it then i think that is normal but as far as the view of other nuclear power countries they are feeling unsecured. (Venny)
Iran began fuelling its first nuclear power plant on Saturday after decades of delay and amid international fears it is seeking an atomic bomb and not just electricity.

Some Western nations have questioned whether the nuclear fuel will be used solely for electricity or would Iran eventually try to enrich uranium on its own, providing material for nuclear weapons.

"The beginning of the first stage of the physical start-up has taken place," Rosatom spokesman Sergei Novikov said at the Russian-built plant near Bushehr in southern Iran.


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